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Other Services

Covid and Pathogen Eradication

Making workplaces safe from all forms of pathogens has become paramount for all businesses not just those within the hospitality and retail sectors. As part of this process PE Energy provides UVC solutions for cleansing the ventilation system in buildings by installing UV units in the airflow so that all air that passes through the ventilation network gets cleaned of all ‘live’ pathogens.

The implementation of UV systems in ducting is expected to become the norm for both new builds and maintenance upgrades.

Far UV-C for retail keeping shops open in a pandemic

The commercial sector hit hardest during the pandemic has been the retail sector. Shops and restaurants have had to close due to the close proximity of people and the speed that pathogens can spread due to airflow circulation and high contact areas. At PE Energy we can now provide safe retail spaces with the use of new technology called Far-UVC. This is a form of UV wavelength that is safe for humans to work and operate in. The lamps work by killing both airborne and surface pathogens reducing the risk of infection spread by as much as 80%. Combining this technology with rapid testing and face coverings could reduce the risk by 99%.

QR Code asset management

Asset management and tracking has been able to take a leap forwards with the introduction of QR codes on assets. When linked to a cloud based asset management platform realtime access can provide instant information on the maintenance and management of each asset which notifies the engineer as to when an asset is due for a service or replacement. Costs for these solutions are dependent on the number of assets to be managed and is based on a fixed monthly fee.

Investment Grade Auditing

Assessing both the value of an existing estate and the potential benefits of investing in new technology requires accurate planning and assessment. Our audits identify the existing risk of the current estate and the potential cost of doing nothing. We then identify those solutions and services that would increase both the value and the efficiency of the estate through the implementation of best practice and investment in new energy efficient technology. Most assessment are measurement over ten years of potential financial benefit.

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